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Step 2: 3D Plans & Approvals

Expertise in fast-tracking your approval times with the right information

Once your design is finalised, and ballpark estimates with our in-house estimating team are established, it is time to draw up your detailed construction plans. This is where your 2D plans are now coming to life! Additional face-to-face meetings with your Design Team will ensure the smaller details such as precise window dimensions and spacings, joinery layout, and bathroom directional flow will be finalised.

On design finalisation, we do offer a 3D 'walk-thru' of your custom designed home to truly communicate your floor-plan and layout of your home. The following drawings are provided to ensure we are ready to commence attaining all necessary approvals:

  • Detailed floor plans with all dimensions and notations 

  • Detailed elevations plans including Kitchen, Laundry and all Bathrooms

  • Sectional views

  • Site plan with compliance table 

  • Window schedule plans

  • Sediment control plans

  • Building specification plans

  • Shadow diagrams (if required for submission)

  • External 3D views 

A project manager will be assigned to your build as we facilitate and organise the following:

Organise & Coordinate with BASIX consultant regarding BASIX & NatHERS Certificates*

Organise & Coordinate with Engineers regarding stormwater and structural design plans*

Organise & Coordinate with Private certifier or council for CDC / DA Lodgement & approval*

Organise & Coordinate with Landscape Architect for Landscaping plan (if required)*

Organise & Coordinate with Town Planner for Statement of Environmental Effects (if required)*

Complying Development Certificate or Development Application checking included

Once all plans are collated, submitted and approvals attained, we are now ready for sending your plans for detailed cost analysis amongst our network of pre-assessed, qualified and reputable builders network.

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